Voltage: 220V 
Power: 3.6KW
Capacity: 75L


Voltage: 220V 
Power: 3.6KW
Capacity: 75L

Proudct Introduction:

ATEX EU authority explosion-proof certification

Zone 22 explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

ZVMEX-32D series explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for being used in explosion-proof environments in 22 zones of various factories. They are compact in structure, strong suction, maintenance-free motors, suitable for long-term continuous operation under any working conditions, and safe and convenient operation.

-ATEX authoritative explosion-proof certification for the whole machine

- Separation of upper and lower tank, removable dust tank

- Standard relief valve

- Standard large-area antistatic M-class filter

- Standard manual shake system

Suction unit

The vacuum suction is provided by a professional safety-certified side channel high-pressure blower, which is directly connected by the blower and the motor shaft, and there is no other transmission mechanism. It is completely maintenance-free and capable of 24-hour continuous operation, working very quietly. The electrical system adopts F explosion-proof certification protection switch, (protection IP55). The machine is equipped with a pressure relief valve to protect the machine to ensure the safety of the whole machine when the machine is blocked.

Filter unit

The filter is protected and installed in the upper tank. The filter bag  made of anti-static material polyester provides a filtration surface of 40,000 square centimeters, and the filtration efficiency reaches M class (1 micron). The manual shake system can clean and filter  mesh to extend its life and maintain the suction performance of the machine. The stainless steel suction inlet(Ø50mm) is installed under the filter bag, allowing it to vacuum dust, liquids and solid materials without changing or taking out the filter


Collection unit

The sucked material is collected in a removable, wheel-mounted stainless steel dust tank (75 liters) for easy and safe disposal of the collected material. All vacuum hoses and other accessories are made of conductive material and are safe and reliable.

The vacuum cleaner is placed on a solid steel chassis with wheels, with two swivel casters, one of which has a foot brake. All metal parts of the industrial vacuum cleaner are epoxy painted, and the whole machine is grounded and anti-static, which is safe and reliable.

Techinical data:
Filter surfaceM24
Filter TypePocketM class
EX Zone(Direttiva 94/9/CE)22

(Direttiva 94/9/CE)

II 3D Ex tc IIIB T135°C Dc