PDW / Single-Phase

PDW / Single-Phase

Voltage: 220V 
Power: 3.6KW
Capacity: 75L


Voltage: 220V 
Power: 3.6KW
Capacity: 75L

Product Introduction:

1)Provide phase-phase power supply , compact structure, easy to use & move, suitable for small area.

2)Equipped with three vacuum motors with independent switches.The power can be selected according to your need.

3)The standard vacuum pressure gauge can monitor the blocking state of the filter unit in real time.

4)Large surface star filter bag with accuracy up to 1-3 micron, and EPA filter can be optional.

5)The manual device shake system effectively prevents the filter bag from blocking, which is efficient and convenient.

6)Tank body and mobile dust tank are made of stainless steel. The tank can be installed quickly and separately. It is safe and easy to clean up


1)The machine is suitable for vacuuming  and collecting dust, liquid, particles and other materials under high strength requirements and long-term continuous working environment.

2)It is widely used in: machinery, aerospace, glass, pharmaceutical, food, metal processing, electronics, automobile and other industrial fields.

Techinical data:
PowerKW 3.6
Max Depressionmm.H2O2600
Airflow M3/H495
Suction InletMM50
Noise LeveldB72