Voltage: 380V
Power: 5.5 KW 
Capacity: 50L


Voltage: 380V
Power: 5.5 KW 
Capacity: 50L

Product Introduction:

Equipment with  large air flow,

It is the preferred dust removal equipment for industrial common class area.

Widely used in food, machinery, pharmaceutical, chemical, woodworking, petroleum, aviation and other industries.

- With automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system

- All-aluminum through-flow blower

- Standard M class large area filtration

-Removable dust tank, it is  safe and convenient to use .

1)The power of ZHY series dust collector comes from three-phase centrifugal blower, and its case/shell is made of aluminum die-casting. It is a professional dust collector with ultra-high air flow. It provides a very high air flow performance and quickly collect a large amount of floating dust from various working conditions.

2)The filter cleaning system is composed of four anti-static filter cartridges placed inside the steel fuselage. The filter material is made of imported anti-static filter material, and provides a large filter surface area (total 20 square meters), greatly reducing the possibility of blocking, even collects  a large amount of dust (even fine dust, due to the M-Class powerful filter efficiency of 1 micron)

3)An automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system enables the filter to be cleaned frequently and efficiently: the air compressor (not installed) provides a jet of compressed air, which is alternately blown to each cartridge. The system is fully automatic (the filter cleaning frequency can be set by a timer mounted in the control panel), which improves the life of the machine and maintains suction and overall machine performance even in long hours of heavy service.

4)The collected dust is placed in a tank with wheels(capacity 50 litres) at the bottom of the machine, which makes it easy and safe to handle the sucked material. The machine is mounted on a solid fixed steel panel and all metal parts of the machine are painted with epoxy resin.

Technical data:

Suction Inlet
Max Depression
Filter Type
4 CartridgesAntistatic-polyester
Filter SurfaceM224
Surface EfficiencyCAT BIAM
                                                             Full Auto-jet pulse filter cleaning system