Voltage: Compressed Air
Power Type: Venturi
Capacity: 80L


Voltage: Compressed Air
Power Type: Venturi
Capacity: 80L

Product Introduction:

ATEX EU certified Explosion-Proof type

Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is an air-powered vacuum cleaner capable of handling large amounts of dust in  explosion zones (dust Z22 and Z21 zones) and comes standard with a single venturi.

Powerful Venturi power source

-Body stainless steel

- The whole machine is maintenance-free, compact and lightweight

- Innovative trolley structure

- Integrated multi-layer filtration system

-ATEX Z22 Z21 dual zone explosion proof certification

Vacuum unit

powerful venturi air pressure element (no power supply and mechanical parts are required).

The special muffler can reduce the noise and make the machine work within the scope of safe production. The treated exhaust gas is exhausted directly to the ground, so it will not disturb the users and the surrounding environment. Equipped with an input air pressure indicator (to detect the pressure of the input compressed air source)

Handles placed on both sides make it easy to lift or move the machine head so that the filter below can also be checked or replaced


Filter unit

The anti-static filter made of polyester is installed and protected in the stainless steel tank, which provides a large filtering surface, and the filtering efficiency is M class. In addition, it is equipped with two high-efficiency filter systems, and the filtration accuracy can reach 0.3 microns.

To ensure that the sucked dust will not have secondary pollution.

Front aluminium die-cast suction inlet(40mm) for conductive connection of suction hose and accessories. Safe and durable

Collection unit

Stainless steel collection tank (80 liters) mounted on caster frame with two swivel casters, one of which has a foot brake. The unique tipping and dumping structure makes it easy and safe to dispose of the collected material.

All hoses and other accessories are made of explosion proof materials,safe and explosion proof

Techinical data:
VoltageVCompressed Air
Power Type/Venturi
Air Supply RequirementL/Min1350
Max Depressionmm.H2O3500
Filter surfaceM21.5
Filter TypeAnti-static polyester
Filter Efficiency
CAT BIA (Micron)H0.3
Suction InletDia40
Air PressionBar6
Air Supply InletMM
EX Zone(Direttiva 94/9/CE)21/22

(Direttiva 94/9/CE)

II 3D Ex tc IIIB T135°C Dc

II 2D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db