Voltage: 380V 
Power: 4KW
Capacity: 200Lt


Voltage: 380V 
Power: 4KW
Capacity: 200Lt

Product Introduction:

The suction unit is a turbine motor of the “side channel blower” type: the fan being directly shafted on the motor shaft, this type of motor requires no transmission system and provides a performance of 2.850 RPM. It is thus completely maintenance free, ideal for non-stop and heavy duty performance (providing extra vacuum, up to 3600 mm. H2O depression), very silent and resistant, matching an IP 55 level. The suction unit is protected by A polyester filter and a floating device,  automatically stopping the suction when the liquid fills up the container.

A metal sieve grid (100 litres capacity) withholds the solid material (chips and metal parts), while the clean oil goes into the lower container (capacity 250 litres).

It is then possible to pump it out rapidly, through a powerful electric pump (300 litres per minute, fitted with a 2 mt. discharge oil proof hose fitted with a gun and valve).

The collection tank is made of polyester coated steel 4mm of thickness, and has a slanted shape in order to secure complete disposal of the liquid inside; two baskets provide a support for tools and hoses when not used, and a bolted panel enables easy cleaning of the collection tank. The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a solid steel trolley with two baskets to lay the accessories, equipped with braking and turning wheels.


Suction from machine tools of oils and coolants mixed with metal chips or other solid material

Filtration and recovery of cutting oil and coolant liquid

Rapid collection or disposal of the filtered liquid

Reduced stand-by time of machine tools

Saving by recovering and using several times the same oil and coolant

Possibility to suck up and pump out simultaneously

Need for just one operator to use the machine

Technical data:

Max Depressionmm.H2O3600
Chip Basket CapacityLt100
Liquid Recovery Capacity
Suction InletDia (mm)80
Pump Flow RateLt/Min300
Noise Level dB
Dimension CM95*80