ZSMEX - Explosion proof

ZSMEX - Explosion proof

Voltage: 380V 
Power: 2.2/4KW
Capacity: 75L


Voltage: 380V 
Power: 2.2/4KW
Capacity: 75L

Product Introduction:

ATEX EU authority explosion-proof certification

Zone 21 explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

ZYWEX series explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner can be used in almost all industries in the 21 zone explosion-proof environment. It has large capacity and strong suction power. It is the preferred three-phase equipment of the factory. The motor is maintenance-free. It is suitable for long-term continuous operation under any working conditions, no matter it is dry or wet.

-Double explosion-proof certification (whole machine and blower)

-Removable dust tank

-Standard pressure relief valve

- Standard large-area antistatic M-class filter + HEPA filter

-Standard manual filter shake system

Suction unit

The vacuum suction is provided by an authoritative explosion-proof certified side-channel high-pressure blower, which is directly connected to the blower and the motor shaft without other transmission mechanisms. It is completely maintenance-free and can run continuously for 24 hours, and works pretty quietly. The electrical system adopts the original imported ABB explosion-proof certification overheating protection switch(protection IP65). The machine is equipped with a pressure relief valve to protect it to ensure the whole machine safety, if it is blocked.

Filter unit

The filter is protected and installed in the upper tank. The filter bag made of anti-static polyester, provides a filtration surface of 25,000 square centimeters. The filtration efficiency reaches M class (1 micron). In addition, it is equipped with imported material HEPA filter cartridges to ensure that 0.3 The micron filtration accuracy reaches 99.97%. Through the manual filter shake system, the filter can be cleaned in real time to extend its service life and maintain the suction performance of the machine. The stainless steel suction inlet (Ø50 mm) is installed under the filter bag. Therefore,it does not need to replace or take out the filter while sucks dust, liquid and solid materials.

Collecting unit

1)The sucked material is collected in a detachable, wheel-mounted stainless steel dust collecting tank (100 liters), which can easily and safely handle the collected material. All dust suction hoses and other accessories are made of conductive materials, which are safe and reliable.

2)The vacuum cleaner is placed on a sturdy steel chassis with wheels, with two swivel castors, and one   has a foot brake. All metal kits of the industrial vacuum cleaner are epoxy painted.

3)Besides, the whole machine is grounded and anti-static treatment, which is safe and reliable

Techinical data:

Voltage V-HZ380-50
Max waterliftmm.H2O27003000
Max AirflowM3/H320400
Suxtion Inlet mm5050
Noise LeveldB7072
Filter TypeCartridge/PocketStar+CylinderStar+Cylinder
Filter SurfaceMM225000+2000025000+20000
Filter Material /Polyester+AntistaticPolyester+Antistatic
Filter EfficiencyMicron0.30.3
FIlter Cleaning /Manual shakeManual shake
Discharge System/Separable dust collection tankSeparable dust collection tank