The dust should be 
in our machines,

not in your lungs!​


When it comes to vacuuming or dusting, the first thing that comes to our mind may be a tool that is only used to keep the environment clean. In fact, it is used to improve the efficiency of the whole production process and improve workers' health and safety, an equipment with powerful function.

It is based on this view that we have worked for many years to produce industrial dust removal and purification solutions designed for liquids and solids, suitable for fine, toxic and hazardous  dust, waste, oil and wood shavings.

Industrial dust collecting and purification solutions are specially designed for your industrial production and customized according to the actual needs of your company.


 Industrial vacuums 

Suction of dust, solid and liquids on various surfaces.

 Dust collector        

Suction of dusts at source.

 Fume extractor       

Extraction of fumes and dusts with suction arm and  hood.

 Explosion proof      

Atex certification, suitable for dust collection in flammable and explosive areas.